5.5M GARDIAN Airdrop

On September 29, 2022 at 12:20am ET the GARD Protocol airdropped 5.5M of its GARDIAN loyalty token to users who have supported the protocol in the past. As we have demonstrated from day one we are committed to distributing ownership of the protocol to users who demonstrably contribute to the success of the protocol. This airdrop was done to celebrate the upcoming launch of V2 this Saturday October 1st, as well as to mark the launch of our partnership with Yieldly. Here’s a breakdown of the 5.5M GARDIAN rewards we distributed:

Rewards Distribution

2,000 GARDIAN for users holding GARDIAN & opted-in to GARD.

500 GARDIAN for users holding GARDIAN.

100 GARDIAN for users opted-in to GARDIAN

Moving Forward

To make the most of these GARDIAN loyalty tokens we strongly encourage you to consider holding them for the long term until they convert to GAIN as detailed here in our GARD Incentives program article. In order to boost your long term stake you can stake your tokens on Yieldly. To stay in-the-loop with with the latest GARD Protocol news please follow our Discord (and join our #verified-holders channel), Telegram, Twitter, and Medium. This will not be the last of these unannounced distributions to users who are active participants in our protocol.

Please note that this 5.5M GARDIAN airdrop is separate from GARDIAN incentives linked to Algorand Governance Period #4. Also note that there are countless ways to continue earning GARDIAN rewards including but not limited to participating in our V2 testnet. For more information, please read our GARD Protocol V2 Testnet announcement or our GARD Incentives program.