Putting your ALGOs to work outside of Algorand governance

Late to Algorand governance? Have no fear… stablecoin staking on the GARD Protocol’s V2 is here. Join now and earn 48.9% APR: Launch GARD dApp

The GARD Protocol is dedicated to building and distributing ownership of the best decentralized money on Algorand and beyond. We believe that by putting in place ironclad DeFi primitives on Algorand we will play a major role in enabling the next wave of DeFi on Algorand. The financial applications of tomorrow and the products that will be developed are systems that we cannot even grasp at this present time.

How to get started

First, you will need to acquire some GARD. For more information on how to do so see our documentation here.

Next once you connect your Algorand account with the GARD dApp you will be able to explore the full suite of products. You’ll find the price of ALGO at the top of the navbar, seamless capacities to create collateralized debt positions and to borrow our stable, GARD, against interest bearing collateral, a world class staking contracts.

Interested in creating a staking partnership with the GARD Protocol and having your token get exposure to the GARD community? Let’s chat!

You can “set and forget” your staked GARD, which is per design paying out a lion’s share of protocol revenues to GARD stakers, compounding continuously (~every hr). Obviously the protocol is boosting this APR because 48.9% APR for stablecoin staking is unheard of. The boost is derived from a significant Aeneas grant from the Algorand Foundation awarded to GARD to help increase adoption and the protocol is currently paying out 5K GARD out of this grant per week to those staking GARD natively on the GARD dApp.

While 48.9% stablecoin staking is unheard of, it's a great way to discover the full utility of your ALGOs or ALGO derivatives (i.e. gALGO) if you missed Algorand governance enrollment now or in the future. To add icing on the cake, the GARD Protocol has been dedicated to decentralizing the protocol from day one and has been distributing vouchers for its DAO token, effectively giving ownership of the protocol to those who use it most. Although there aren’t incentives for those who simply stake GARD for GARD on the protocol’s dApp, there are loyalty vouchers for those who leverage the protocol for Algorand governance enrollment (via the protocol’s cutting-edge collateralized debt position technology). Learn more about the 1,000,000,000 GARDIAN incentives program.

Wrapping up

DeFi can be both a powerful tool for leverage, stability, and increased rewards for those who are committed to Algorand and those who newly enter the Algorand DeFi community but it also comes with risks. We strongly encourage folks to do their own research and understand how these financial instruments work as well as how to capitalize on them based on individual risk profiles. To learn more about the GARD Protocol and to take a look under the hood you can visit the documentation or reach out via one of our communities on Telegram, Reddit, Discord, Twitter, or Medium.