What are Algorithmic Stablecoins?

Cryptocurrency is inherently volatile and in order to solve this, one of the most popular inventions is the stablecoin. Algorithmic stablecoins are crypto tokens that use price stabilization algorithms to maintain the value of an asset, usually at $1, only using software and a set of rules.

How Algorithmic Stablecoins Work?

Algorithm-based stablecoin protocols act as a ‘central bank.’ Stabilization of crypto assets can be achieved by increasing the supply of a token when the value goes up and reducing it when the price goes down. The rules for such actions by the algorithm are available in smart contracts in embedded form and it is possible to change the rules only by leveraging social consensus or through votes associated with governance or seigniorage tokens.

Why are Algorithmic Stablecoins Important to ALGO?


Since their introduction in 2018, algorithmic stablecoins have become a vital component of the modern financial system. They allow for the reliable exchange and storage of value, and they are quickly becoming ubiquitous in the digital age.

While Money Transfer Operators (MTOs) like Western Union and SWIFT may appear to facilitate international transactions, these services often result in a substantial loss of value due to fees and exchange rates. By comparison, algorithmic stablecoins can be traded worldwide at far faster rates for a fraction of the cost. This has far-reaching ramifications for the global flow of value.


The future of finance is here. It’s unstoppable, it’s decentralized, and it’s for everyone.

Algorand introduced stablecoins to their platform to provide an inclusive, accessible financial system that can reach billions of people around the world who don’t have access to banking. With Algorand’s high-performance network and its low transaction costs, micropayments are made possible which means even the smallest payments can be processed at a fraction of the cost.

Stablecoins on Algorand give users full custody over their money. They also provide 24-hour access to financial services so users can access their savings or make payments even when there is little or no network connectivity. All this is made possible thanks to Algorand’s ecosystem of partners who are committed to bringing financial access to everyone.

Settlements Layer

When you're trading cryptocurrencies, you need to be able to move your funds quickly and easily. Wouldn't it be nice if you could just make one transaction and know that your funds would be available at the next exchange in an instant?

Good news! With Algorand-based stablecoins, that's now possible. Because of the features of Algorand, algorithmic stablecoins can be used as a settlement lawyer in crypto OTC transactions.

No more waiting around for Ethereum network transactions to clear—now you can move your funds without delay.

Access to Crypto Capital Markets

Digital assets are stored in wallets that have unique, secure addresses. One of the keys to their success is the ability for users to seamlessly move their digital assets between their various wallets. With Stablecoins providing critical on-ramps and exit routes, Huobi, Archax, and other platforms will give Algorand users seamless access to digital asset investments.

Store of Value

Stablecoins have the potential to offer protection against extreme economic conditions. Algorithmic stablecoins, in particular, may make a significant impact in the event of an economic catastrophe, such as a sinking currency. Any stablecoin provided on the Algorand blockchain offers the opportunity to regain control of one’s finances. It also enables customers to avoid adverse economic situations.

What is the Future of Algorithmic Stablecoins?

It's hard to imagine a time before stablecoins, but that time was just a few years ago. Back then, the idea of a cryptocurrency pegged in value to an underlying asset—like the dollar or gold—was considered groundbreaking. But as cryptocurrency continues to change the way we think about money, it is clear that stablecoins will be the next step in this evolution to best take advantage of blockchain software/technology.

Stablecoins have gained tremendous market momentum because they are a natural extension of existing financial systems – they are simply digital versions of the same fiat currencies and commodities that people use every day. Stablecoins provide all of the benefits of cryptocurrency without any volatility or risk exposure, which makes them ideal for any kind of transaction: buying goods, sending money overseas, paying employees… even saving up for retirement!

The future of algorithmic stablecoins is bright: they will continue to grow as more people adopt them into their daily lives and businesses realize all these coins can do. They're also becoming increasingly popular among investors who want to avoid volatility while still investing in crypto assets like Bitcoin or Ethereum. With protocols like GARD being launched soon on Algorand it won’t be long before the ecosystem has several options for users to choose from.

Wrapping Up

The development of algorithmic stablecoins has undoubtedly presented significant potential. They ensure decentralization without any regulatory organizations.

Furthermore, these stablecoins are built upon visible and auditable code, making it easier for developers to build confidence in them. Understanding the different types of algorithmic stablecoins, success measures, and dangers linked with them will help you find their actual potential. As more algorithm-backed stablecoins emerge, it is important to understand how they will shape the future of crypto.